Lets start a Fire..!

Smoking, roasting and grilling is HOT and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Slow cooking with a beautiful piece of meat or fish and making tasty smoked dishes. Already excited? Come and taste what we mean with our mix of American, Argentinian and South African BBQ-Techniques! Our dishes are prepared with care in our charcoal oven and smoke house. This provides that full smoked BBQ taste and delicious tender meat. We offer extraordinary dishes for vegetarians as well.


Meat, meat and more meat “Smoked”meat lovers plateau for 2 persons Pulled pork, fresh chorizo, briskets, sticky spare ribs and chicken thighs served with cowslaw, pickles and cornbread.


Our smoked dishes are of course "live" the best. But until then you will have to do it with our pictures of our phenomenal food & drinks.

Here you can download our lunch menu, dinner menu or wine list.


We recommend checking availability via our booking tool "Tablebooker". It is not possible to book by email or Facebook Messenger.

Reservations can also be made by phone at 070-3306665

For groups as from 10 people, we ask for our special menu's. Our manager is happy to assist you.