Smoked Bar.B.Q restaurant in The Hague

22 september 2018

My family love barbeque ribs so we went to check out Smoked Bar.B.Q grill restaurant in Torrenstraat in The Hague. Wow! The barbeque meat there was so tender and rich in flavour. We chose the Nachos pulled pork for starters and they were so tasty!! We would have ordered another portion if we could have fit it in!

For mains, we tried the F*CK veggies “smoked” meat lovers plateau for 2 people which had sticky spare ribs, brisket and pulled pork served with coleslaw and fries. The various types of meat served were well seasoned and amazingly full of flavour and the brisket literally melted in your mouth. We also ordered a main course size portion of the sticky Korean spare ribs to share. Their home made barbeque sauce served was incredible – smoky, sweet & tangy! It was a refreshing change from the usual BBQ sauce.

The restaurant smokes everything in their charcoal oven, including avocado and pineapple. We ate a smoked pineapple dessert with white chocolate cream and passion fruit sorbet which was very unique.

I really liked the service at the restaurant as the staff were very relaxed and friendly. The owners were passionate about finding the “perfect” slow cooking method of smoking food and barbeque and traveled the world in search of this. We were even shown the kitchen and met the chef who is clearly someone who loves to experiment to take the BBQ cooking method to a different level. If you are mad about ribs too, check out this restaurant as you won’t be disappointed. It is open from Thursday to Tuesday from 16:00-22:00.
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